High-Tech Product Development

Safety Pins

High-performance industrial, consumer, and medical devices. New generation projection displays; spread-spectrum radio systems; rugged mobile computers; high-availability embedded hardware for control and communication; high-performance electric vehicles, subway cars and advanced train control systems; cutting edge amusement park rides; fully automated peoplemovers; energy storage devices and systems; and consumer appliances. See recent projects.


Electronic Equipment and Circuit Design

Electronic hardware, including digital, precision analog, power, radio frequency device and circuit, DSP, and microcomputer. Test equipment and instrumentation. Design drafting and complete documentation.

Software Systems

Design, develop, verify, and validate software for control, embedded, internet, and safety-critical applications, in a structured, cost-effective process.

Mobile and fixed communications

Wireless networks, spread spectrum radio, Conventional and very high frequency radio frequency devices and system, Integrated voice, video, and data service, PSTN, cellular, and satellite.

Advanced Energy Storage

Design, application, and production development of advanced batteries, charging and storage systems, and power converters, rated from miliwatts to megawatts.

High Speed Integrated Circuit Fabrication

Process development for fab of high-speed semiconductors, MEMS, and special purpose arrays; for ICs, and for new optical, medical, and micro-mechanical devices. Deposition, etch, and patterning. Wet and dry etching and advanced lithography. Parasitic control for optimum performance. Methods and equipment for device, contact, and high speed/dense interconnects. GaAs, silicon, and other compounds.


Design, analysis, and test of high performance linear motors, inductive power coupling, and other magnetic systems.