Safety-Critical Systems

Safety Pins

High-performance subway cars and advanced train control systems; military aircraft avionics; high performance amusement park rides; critical control and communication systems; and fully automated peoplemover systems. See recent projects.


Safety-Critical System Engineering

Technology assessment; Requirements and design specification; System safety architecture; Electronics hardware and software detailed design and fast prototyping; Simulation and modeling; Validation and Verification; Feasibility demonstration; System integration.

Safety-Critical Software Design

Design, develop, verify, and validate software for safety-critical functions in a structured, industry-recognized process, such as IEEE-1012; Safety case documentation; Certification.

System Safety Program and Analysis

Develop, conduct, and document a system safety program to fulfill industry and government requirements, such as 49 CFR 236, US MIL STD, Underwriters Laboratories product listing, US OSHA, US FDA certification, IEC, EuroNorm, etc. Practical safety analyses integrated with product design, including for hardware / software / operator systems. Design, operations, maintenance, use phases. Quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Electromagnetic Interference Safety

Establish and implement programs to ensure electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) control. Emissions and susceptibility design for high power machines and safety-critical control and communication systems.