Tenco Team


David Turner

Industry leader in design, analysis, and integration of advanced control, communication, transportation, and information systems. Developed new product technologies for communication and television industry. Developed systems, equipment, software, and assurance for rail transit, mainline railroad, automotive, trolleybus, peoplemover, vehicle integration, advanced train control, ac propulsion, and EMC projects with Bombardier, DaimlerChrysler, Mitsubishi, Nippon Sharyo, Northrop Grumman TRW, NTT, Rockwell International, Siemens, and Walt Disney, as well as BART, LACMTA, NYCT, and many others.

Eli Fernald

Senior  electronics, software, and system engineer with extensive experience in rail transit equipment and system engineering, rail transit energy improvement projects, and electromagnetic compatibility. He is also adept in high-performance electronic integrated circuit design, software development, instrumentation hardware and software, design and integration of communications circuits and equipment, and use of computer modeling tools for complex design and verification projects.

Kenneth S. Gold

Senior electronics design engineer, expert in high performance circuit and system design, including EPLD, precision analog, and innovative solutions to complex problems. Recent applications include hardware and software structure and design for a high performance medical laboratory instrument with a fault-tolerant, maintenance-friendly hierarchical multi-processor structure; and a patented communication method for fail-safe communication between a distributed control system and mobile units.

Ryan McKinley

Senior Electronic and Software Systems Engineer, expert in the development and safety certification of concepts/technologies for railroads, heavy rail transit, automated people-mover (APM), and monorail systems, including major work with communications-based train control (CBTC), positive train control (PTC), interlocking control, and automatic train control technologies (ATC), at NYCT, PATH, WMATA, FRA, US Class I railroads, Canadian Pacific, and others.

Andrew Dombek

Senior software and system engineer and project manager, focused on developing real-time safety-critical embedded applications utilizing cutting edge methods and tools. Expertise includes system design and architecture, software design and implementation for real-time embedded and cross-platform apps. He is adept at safety-critical software development, using Rational Unified Process (RUP), spiral/iterative development process, with in-depth use of IEEE and MIL standards for software quality assurance and system safety. Tools include C, PIC, 8051, Controller Area Network (CAN), Universal Serial Bus (USB), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Program Design Language (PDL); and Trolltech QT, MFC, C++, C, HTML, XML, GUI design, Windows XP/Vista; Installshield.

Glen Humphrey

Senior Hardware Design Engineer, with extensive accomplishments in designing, prototyping, and integrating high performance electronic designs and embedded software for commercial, industrial, medical, and transportation applications. His recent projects include medical diagnostic instruments, telecommunications test equipment, an implantable medical device, a component for a high resolution television, and a mobile computer system. He is adept at design and proving of leading edge printed circuit board solutions.

Ross Holmstrom

A leading US authority on EMI in transit applications, Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering at University of Massachusetts at Lowell, served many years on staff at the US DOT Volpe Transportation Systems Center. He performs research and development on electronics and electromagnetics applications in rail transit operations and safety, sponsored by US DOT Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and the Federal Railroad Administration. Primary author of the FTA EMI Suggested Test Procedures and other FTA EMI studies. Performed EMI tests at WMATA, NYCT, Boston MBTA, and Los Angeles and others.

Joe Katz

Senior electronic design and instrumentation engineer with experience in transit equipment safety analysis and electromagnetic compatibility testing. Expert in design and application of leading-edge technology to challenging system, equipment, and instrumentation developments in controlled fusion, accelerator, material sciences, and biological science research. He is adept in digital, analog, computer, software, power, magnetics, radio frequency, and laser design.

Steven Lawrence

Broadly experienced railcar engineering consultant in high-tech, systems integration, and transit operations. He represents carbuilders, equipment suppliers, and rail operators, in system safety assessment and design, railcar engineering and integration, project management, RMS analysis, quality assurance and control, and extended field services. He has extensive practical experience and knowledge of US transit design, operating, and maintenance requirements and practices.

Brian Ng

Engineering manager experienced in the integration and development of advanced technology systems in the transportation, industrial control, and accelerator industries. His experience includes high power, pulsed power, and radio frequency power systems up to the MW level; integrated computer / digital controls; motion controls; communications; and instrumentation. Recent projects include ride control development and simulation, engineering for AC propulsion LRVs and subway cars, safety-critical door controllers, and electromagnetic compatibility.

George Soules

Software Architect and Development Leader, with extensive accomplishments in commercial and safety-critical software, emphasizing development with object technologies and C++, as well as assessment and safety analysis. Applications include medical, railway and safety-critical automatic train control, financial, radio, television, film, and machine control. His areas of expertise include program and system architectures, graphical user interfaces, communications, emulators, databases, drivers, and compilers.

Steve Sidman

Electronics product developer with extensive experience in commercial processors and systems. Responsible for product definition and development for systems and ICs, specializing in DSP, data conversion, signal processing, and systems integration. Expert in hardware and DSP based speech and acoustic processing, based on a new signal flow-based DSP engine. Earlier, a senior executive with Sharp, AMD, and custom design houses.

Neil Shaw

Designer and manager for acoustic design projects including architectural room acoustics, sound reinforcement systems, audio-visual systems, noise and vibrations control, sound isolation, electroacoustic and electronic signal processing equipment product performance criteria development and product design and development. He is a principal at Menlo Scientific Systems, Inc.

Tom Egan

Advanced communications systems engineering consultant, with broad experience in applications of advanced and conventional technology to mobile, ground-based radio, public switched network, and integrated services. Projects included NYCT and LACMTA EMI work, Advanced Train Control System development, addressed radio networks, mobile fleet management, mobile satellite, vehicle location, microwave and control systems, telemetry, integrated voice and data networks, and ISDN, with Motorola, E.F. Johnson, General Electric, and others.

Gary Thompson

Rail transportation engineer with broad experience in design, analysis, and commissioning of rail traction power, train control and communications systems, trains, and equipment.  His work includes electromagnetic field simulation and analysis for insulation coordination, lightning analysis, magnetic field exposure, and wayside energy storage savings;  electromagnetic field surveying for radio frequencies (RF) and radiated emissions;  rail transit DC energy storage systems design, integration, installation, and test;   railcar systems reliability availability maintainability and safety (RAMS) analysis;  and rail transit electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing.  Certified with the Electromagnetic Transients Program modeling tool EMTP-RV.