Transportation Equipment Engineering


System and equipment design, implementation, and test of safety-critical, high reliability control, communication and information systems for transportation applications. Development and integration of advanced technologies and service-proven equipment for transit vehicles, advanced train control systems, communications, and other high-tech systems. See recent projects.


Vehicle System Engineering and Design

Railcar and system design; Vehicle control / ATC / Propulsion / brake / trainline interface design and coordination; trainline communication systems, including IEEE standard networks; health and fault monitor definition; auxiliary subsystems; propulsion and magnetics design; and project and technical management.

ATC and Communications

Communications Based Train Control (CBTC) and radio communications systems, as well as conventional relay signal systems. Safety-critical software. Spread spectrum wireless communication. Advanced audio, video, and networks.

Hall Drive

Energy Efficiency, Conversion, and Storage

System simulation and equipment design improvement for energy savings. Design, application, and production development of advanced battery technologies. Battery, flywheel, and supercap energy storage systems. Power converters, chargers, and supplies, rated from miliwatts to megawatts. Energy management and energy recovery design and analysis.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

Railcars, Propulsion and auxiliaries, Conventional signals, CBTC, Traction power, Energy storage and flywheel systems, Communications. Planning; System and equipment design for EMC; Simulation and modeling; Procedures and testing; EMI problem resolution. Magentic field measurement and mitigation; Special assessments.

Acoustics and Noise Control

Architectural acoustic design, noise and vibration control, HVAC noise control, sound system design, production facility design, audio/visual system design, electroacoustics, sound quality engineering, and product development and testing.


Instrumentation and TransDASTM

High-performance data acquisition and processing systems, targeted to deliver useful and repeatable results. Special purpose sensors and processing to solve unique challenges. TrandsDAS is Tenco's configurable, programmable data acquisition and processing system for transportation equipment. Cost-effective solutions for analysis of energy savings, EMC, acoustic, magnetic field, and track signal equipment performance projects.

Reliability, Maintainability, and Safety (RMS)

Cost-effective RMS analysis, on conventional rail equipment and advanced electronic systems. Design for availability. Quantitative hazard analysis. Combustible materials.

Support Services: Test, Documentation, Quality

Test Plan, procedures and reporting; Manuals and Training: Quality Assurance Programs; Field Services: Equipment delivery, Final assembly, and Checkout; Qualification and acceptance testing; Field rework; and On-site warranty program operation.