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Recent transportation equipment engineering, safety-critical systems and high-tech product development projects.

LA Metro Bus Rapid Transit and Light Rail Transit Intersection Data Assessment and Recommendations Project

LA Metro

Tenco designed, engineered, and implemented a pilot system to collect and store traffic signal data for green and red band analysis and prediction on the LA Metro G-Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Line. Tenco used Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) traffic signal data and LA Metro bus real-time GPS feeds to analyze G-Line traffic signal delays.  The work showed significant opportunities to reduce travel time and improve service. Tenco also equipped LA Metro test Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs) with similar on-board GPS equipment and analyzed traffic signal delays at non-gated street running intersections. The analysis provides LA Metro and LADOT with insights that can allow street running LRVs to smoothly and efficiently travel their alignments, with fewer stops and more consistent speed.