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We provide rail and bus transportation equipment and system engineering, integration, and analysis; for wayside train control, traction power, communications, energy storage, and central control; for trains and onboard systems; for commuter, subway, light rail, high speed rail, bus, and automated people movers; and embedded controllers and secure cloud solutions.

Wayside Systems Engineering

Our Wayside Systems Engineering includes:

  • Advanced train control including CBTC, PTC, ERTMS, track circuits and axle counters
  • Communications, including wired and wireless networks, radio systems, PSIM, SCADA, audio and acoustics, display signs, and more
  • Traction Power for DC and AC supplies;  energy storage and efficiency
  • Utility power interface, impact assessment, and planning
  • Central systems, including SCADA, cloud and distributed systems, and asset management

Our work covers the gamut from conceptual and preliminary engineering. procurement specifications and delivery methods;  alternatives, cost/benefit assessment, and modeling;  proposal strategy and writing;  project plans and deliverables;  supplier management;  performance analysis and reporting;  system level design;  hardware and software design, implementation, and integration;  CAD;  and test and commissioning.

Men working on the rail tracks

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