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We provide rail and bus transportation equipment and system engineering, integration, and analysis; for wayside train control, traction power, communications, energy storage, and central control; for trains and onboard systems; for commuter, subway, light rail, high speed rail, bus, and automated people movers; and embedded controllers and secure cloud solutions.

We work to ensure the success of transit and and transportation across the country. We provide expertise to rail and bus transportation consultants, operators, equipment suppliers, and carbuilders today, as we have for more than 30 years.  Our experience and capabilities, and our structure, locations, and vision, equip us to provide transit engineering services at the highest professional, technical, and quality level.  

We have a clear vision of the need for transit;  of the challenges and requirements;  of the people, equipment and facilities that comprise a transit network;  of the technologies new and old that enable the service;  of the constraints and imperatives of policy and government;  and of the ways to stitch them all together, safely, on time, and within budget. 

Tenco’s mission is to listen, understand the client’s goals and/or challenges, and to use the right tools and techniques to deliver effective results.  We use the strengths and skills of our team members, work closely, and communicate fully to deliver the industry-leading expertise, judgment, depth, and diligence that superior service demands.