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We provide rail and bus transportation equipment and system engineering, integration, and analysis; for wayside train control, traction power, communications, energy storage, and central control; for trains and onboard systems; for commuter, subway, light rail, high speed rail, bus, and automated people movers; and embedded controllers and secure cloud solutions.

System Safety & Cybersecurity

Safety and security are foundation requirements.  Tenco expertise delivers hands-on, practical expertise in right-sized system safety and cybersecurity programs:

  • Starting from the top, define the risks and the tools to manage them
  • For rail and bus onboard, wayside, and central systems and networks, and for utility power systems
  • Managing system safety and cybersecurity programs in complex and critical projects with tiers of designers and suppliers
  • Experts in:
    • Establishing and delivering the safety case
    • Safety-critical software development, implementation, and verification 
    • Operating Hazard Analyses, and the role of people, training and procedures in achieving safety
    • Fire Life Safety regulations and solutions
    • Regulatory requirements and compliant programs and designs
    • Cybersecurity – big picture and nuts and bolts – technology, planning, defense, and action
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More Information

For system safety, Tenco sets up cost-effective right-sized programs focusing on crucial safety exposures, and also delivering complete and clear safety case documentation, covering systems, hardware, software, operations, maintenance, and training. Fire Life Safety specialties including tunnel ventilation and CFD analysis, equipment design analysis, egress studies, and fire, smoke and flammability tests.  Tenco works with standards including US MIL-STD-882, NFPA-70 / National Electric Code, NFPA-130, IEEE 1012, and EN 50126.

For cybersecurity, Tenco uses proven NIST framework-aligned approaches to: understand the risks, impacts, severity, and likelihood; to identify protections, benefits, limitations, costs, and effects; to define risk protections, mitigations, and effects; to lay out practical plans; and when needed, adjust the plans and actions.  Program services, posture and vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, remediation, incident response, and recovery, governance and risk compliance assessment.

Tenco’s safety engineers are focused on attaining safety certification through comprehensive and systemic approaches that fully address hazards and risks.

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Please contact us to explore how Tenco can support your project.