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We provide rail and bus transportation equipment and system engineering, integration, and analysis; for wayside train control, traction power, communications, energy storage, and central control; for trains and onboard systems; for commuter, subway, light rail, high speed rail, bus, and automated people movers; and embedded controllers and secure cloud solutions.

On-time Performance & RAM

The transit customer’s first concern is dependable service and on-time arrival.  Tenco is expert in structuring top-to-bottom cost-effective RAM programs to plan, achieve, and improve on-time arrival.  Ingredients are:

  • Set concrete, measurable goals for service to meet end-customer requirements
  • Set up practical programs, stating actions and responsibilities of each participant
  • Allocate key resources aligned with contractor scope:  mean time or distance between service interruption (MTBSI), mean time between failure (MTBF), and mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Make the best use of redundancy, fault-tolerance, and fast reconfiguration
  • Use field data and analysis results to ensure designs will meet targets
  • Ensure maintenance is cost-effective for the customer
  • Measure performance during demonstrations and in service, investigate failures, and drive modifications and improvements as needed

More Information

Tenco RAM services help operators reduce delays and provide better service.  Tenco RAM programs and deliverables cover:

  • Entire High Speed Rail and Commuter Rail lines, from Key Performance Indicators down to procurement specs
  • Wayside systems and equipment for Train Control, Communications, and Power.  Deep expertise with train-track circuit compatibility and false occupancy issues.
  • Railcars and railcar systems including propulsion, APS, train control, doors, etc.
  • MTBF analysis and stress test of high-tech assemblies such as processors, signal processors, critical radio systems, and high-density server memory boards.  
  • For Design-Build-Operate-Maintain projects, Tenco uses Life Cycle Cost analysis to predict and achieve lowest total costs.

Tenco uses standards including MIL-HDBK-217, EN 50126, Telecordia SR-332, NERC.  

  • Typical reliability tasks include Reliability Plans, Reliability Analysis, Reliability Demonstration plans and tests.
  • Tenco uses deep technical skills to perform failure investigation to identify design modifications, and system, equipment, and circuit design skills or guidance to meet high reliability targets.  
  • Typical maintenance tasks include Maintenance and Maintainability Plans, maintainability analysis, maintenance procedure planning and writing, and Maintainability Demonstrations
  • Tenco sets up and uses cost-effective, distributed Failure Reporting and Corrective Action System (FRACAS) to meet rail operator requirements and provide fast, useful reports to catalyze fast corrective action as well as demonstration of successful outcomes. 
Houston Metro at Dusk

Please contact us to explore how Tenco can support your project.