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We provide rail and bus transportation equipment and system engineering, integration, and analysis; for wayside train control, traction power, communications, energy storage, and central control; for trains and onboard systems; for commuter, subway, light rail, high speed rail, bus, and automated people movers; and embedded controllers and secure cloud solutions.

Hi-Tech Product Development

Tenco engineers include specialists in the specification, design, implementation, test, and commissioning of high-tech hardware and software.  Capabilities include 

  • Electronic hardware, including digital, precision analog, power, radio frequency device and circuit, DSP, FPGA/EPLD, and microprocessor. 
  • Software systems, for control, embedded, internet, and safety-critical applications, in a structured, cost-effective process
  • Human Factors / Graphical User Interface design
  • Test equipment, sensors, and instrumentation
  • Design drafting and complete documentation.

More Information

Tenco projects include high-performance transportation, industrial, and medical devices.  

  • LA Metro Wayside Energy Storage System controller which achieved industry-leading recovery levels
  • Connected Bus Display implemented in Tenco software on distributed cloud servers, database interfaces, onboard bus smart routers, and Android tablets.
  • Wayside EMI Detector to protect rail transit signal systems against interference from EMU trains, wayside energy storage systems, or third rail power converters
  • Special purpose test equipment software and hardware
  • High-availability embedded hardware for control and communication; high-performance electric vehicles, subway cars and advanced train control systems; cutting edge amusement park rides; fully automated peoplemovers; energy storage devices and systems; consumer appliances; new generation projection displays; spread-spectrum radio systems; and rugged mobile computers.
Person testing an electrical device for performance

Please contact us to explore how Tenco can support your project.